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Why should I eat Macadamias?

Macadamias - the world's finest nuts - are characterized by their crisp texture and delicate flavor, and by their versatility of use and long shelf life. In ther words, they are Yummy!

Macadamias are also good for you. Medical research has shown that the consumption of macadamias may significantly lower the risk of heart disease. So replacing some of your saturated fat intake with the mono-unsaturated macadamias could help protect your heart.

What is in a Macadamia?

Macadamias are rich in macadamia oil, which is very stable and contains high levels of the nutritionally important monounsaturated fatty acids. They contain no cholesterol.

A typical composition is as follows:

Natural oil     75.0 %
Protein           9.0 %
Carbohydrate  9.3 %
Moisture         1.5 %
Mineral Matter 1.6 %
Fiber              2.0 %

The kernel contains Vitamins Al, BI, B2, Niacin and essential elements such as Calcium, Iron, Phosphorus, Magnesium and Potassium.

Why are mono-unsaturated fats good for us?

A recent study at Wesley Hospital in Brisbane found that a diet enriched by macadamias actually lowers harmful blood cholesterol in participating patients. The research concluded that eating 6-20 macadamia nuts per day actually lowered harmful blood cholesterol by 7% and triglycerides by 25 % when compared with a high complex carbohydrate diet.

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